what is coworking

Coworking is a cornerstone in the evolution of how we work.  No longer predominantly tied to a 9 to 5 routine, or a specific space in time, much of our job security is gone - but we've gained so much freedom!  As social creatures with a pre-disposition to create community, it doesn't take long to discover the boundaries and limitations of a solitary life of working from home, or the transiency of working from cafes and other public places.  Coworking provides an opportunity to be selective about our environment, and our coworkers, in a way that traditional employment doesn't. It offers the chance to locate our tribe, to choose where we sit, for what hours of which days.  Each coworking community is unique, and when it's done well, it supersedes the bricks and mortar of a space. It gives us a chance to develop and grow in ways that are surprising and fundamental, in both our professional and personal lives.  Take the time to discover what coworking options are available to you. You may just be amazed at what you find.