Here's the backstory...

What do you love most about The Amp? The Amp is a social enterprise anchored by a non-profit called Ecotrust Canada. We are home to a number of mission driven organizations and induvials looking to make a positive impact in the world. The thing I love most about our space is the community of amazing people I have the privilege of working alongside every day. I listen to the projects our members are working on and what they are trying to achieve and it is truly inspiring!

How did you discover coworking? I discovered coworking by chance! I was volunteering with Evergreen who are a member of The Amp and was invited to a meeting in the boardroom. I was immediately intrigued by the space because I could see it was different to a normal office. The volunteer leader gave me a tour and told me a little bit about the concept of coworking and from there I was hooked. After my volunteer project with Evergreen ended I went to The Amp website for more information and saw a job posting as the Coworking Community Manager. I read the job description and felt like it was a perfect fit for me. I have been managing The Amp since May 2016 and have learned so much about the coworking movement and I am excited to see where it goes next!

What do you think is the future of coworking? Coworking has been around for a long time, however in the last few years we have really seen a spike in coworking spaces opening across the globe. When people ask me what I do for work I tell them I manage a coworking space and I often get that deer in a headlight look. I am always happy to explain the concept of coworking but this shows that coworking is still a big unknown to a lot of people. However, I think we’ll soon see a huge shift in people’s knowledge of coworking and in their mindset of how they want to work. Coworking isn’t just for start-ups or entrepreneurs (although the model works great for them) but also for small, medium and large organizations who value social connection, flexibility, freedom, collaboration, openness, accessibility and sustainability. Shared facilities such as kitchens, lounges, meeting rooms, educational programming, business support, social events and the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded people are all very attractive features. I can’t predict the future but I would bet the coworking industry is going to see a lot of movement in the next five years!

What is the most important thing to your members? Well my non-serious answer is definitely coffee! If I don’t keep that coffee stocked I sure know about it 🙂

My serious answer is other members they can connect with and feel comfortable approaching. This could be chatting to someone in the lounge when eating lunch or knowing who to go to when they need help or advice.


My favorites...

Celebrating coworking week with cake. We love cake 🙂

Friends and food, some of our favorite things.

Our jam nights paid off when these beauties pulled out their instruments during our Amp picnic.

Any excuse to dress up and act silly for the day!

Supporting one of our members at their lemonade stand 🙂

Fundraiser when Paul agreed to shave his head to raise funds for The Ride to Conquer Cancer… with Rachael very happy to assist!

Where you will find me...

When I am not loving life at The Amp, you’ll find me loving life with my husband and friends – hiking, camping and exploring BC, biking the sea wall and cooking up a storm in the kitchen!