Here's the backstory...

What is the future of coworking? I think that as more people realize that coworking is an option that will boost their productivity and decrease their isolation, there will be more spaces opening and we will all get to specialize more, focusing on serving our exact communities.

Did you work out of a coworking space before managing The Hive? Almost the exact opposite: I worked for a very small company before joining the HiVE team. There, I was often the only employee in the office, which was good because the office was a large closet at the back of the warehouse and was barely big enough for two desks. And there were no windows.

Do you ever work out of other coworking spaces other than your own? I love working out of someone else's coworking space when I need to focus on something. I love interacting with my members and helping them, but if I need to delve deep into a tricky project, there's something great about going to a space where none of the questions are for me. 

Other than your own coworking space, are there any other spaces you really love or think do a great job? Every space I've had a change to visit has had so much character and personality! I love Creative Coworkers - all that wood makes for a beautiful space, and D. (the owner) makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the city. 

How has coworking influenced your city? As coworking grows in Vancouver, I feel that it is reminding people that there are many ways to work and that there are options beyond working for a corporation from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Many people seem to see the surface of coworking and think that it is just renting offices and desks, and corporations can mimic that part to try to fill their empty real estate, but as coworking as a movement becomes better known, I think people are realizing that they want community. 

What advice would you offer to someone new to coworking? Invest in good noise-cancelling headphones so you can choose your own noise level. Carry a spare charger if you have one; when someone needs to borrow it, you get to be their hero. And remember to take breaks from your work and enjoy the space and meet the people around you! 

My favorites...

 This lovely chair in a sunny window, surrounded by plants, next to a bookshelf is the most cozy place to take a break.

 I love how the light in the morning fills this permanent desk area, and I love our brick walls!

I love our black board and the ever-changing art. We've had some creative interactive art, some beautiful pieces, so funny pieces - it is such a nice thing to see when you first walk in. In the background is the front desk where my beloved desk bee team greets members and generally looks out for the space and community. 

The kitchen is a bit higher than the rest of the space, so there's the effect of a balcony overlooking the hot desk area. It lets the space feel big and open but still separates the kitchen and lounge from the working spaces. Also, they are joined by a ramp, which is very fun to run up and down when bustling about the space.

Where you will find me...

When I'm not at the HiVE, I can usually be found sitting under my darling co-dependent cat, Zoey, while working on my website and blog, proofreading for Distributed Proofreaders Canada, recruiting volunteers for VPPD, writing, and making sock monkeys. I also spend a lot of time at the gym; I love teaching Pound: Rockout Workout classes.