Here's the backstory...

What makes Kamloops Innovation work? The community! As a small non-profit organization, we’re able to do more with less because of our community that gives back and contributes. We’ve got a great team that puts the community first and gives before they get.

What do coworkers expect today that they didn't before? Additional support outside of just a space to work. We’ve found that mentorship resources, learning opportunities, and ability to connect with others has become more important to our community. Walking down the hall to connect with an industry expert has never been so easy.

What is the hardest part of running Kamloops Innovation? Choosing the snacks for our weekly 10@10 and the newest craft brew for beer o’clock.

What is the most rewarding part of running Kamloops Innovation? Seeing the community grow, entrepreneurs closing their first sale, collaborations coming about as a result of being in the space, or coworkers helping each other solve problems when waiting in line for the washroom or grabbing a coffee in the kitchen. Also, working with really, really, really smart people.

Are there success stories from your space you are particularly proud of? We’re really excited to be one of the things that helps our community do really great work, start something new, learn a new skill, or meet new people.

Some of my favorite things at Kamloops Innovation...

These are some of my favourite shots from our space because they highlight our community - the people (& dogs!) that are a part of it and the things that go on inside like great work but also mini golf competitions and our weekly 10@10s. We’re big on building an open and inclusive community.

Where you will find me...

Hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, or pouring wine at a local Kamloops winery!