Coworking is a catalyst for community - our mission is simple:


Grow and promote coworking across BC.

We are currently promoting coworking in British Columbia through various media channels, networking events, and partnerships. The society is driven to ensure the province is not only aware of coworking, but also aware of the importance of each space.


Support, and advocate for our members.

Our members make us who we are and are the heart of the organization. The society was founded on the principle that we are stronger together than as competition. Because of this, we play a key role in representing, advocating for, and supporting our member spaces.


Encourage social and community impact.

Although inherently valuable to the workers themselves, through its process of connection, coworking becomes profoundly valuable to the community. The deeper meaning of coworking, which encourages community, is held highly by the society and strongly encouraged.

Need Space?

If you’re looking to join, visit, or contact any Coworking space in British Columbia, feel free to use our new Find A Space tool.

Own Space?

If you own coworking space in BC, or would like to, please get in touch! We’re better when we’re together. We get to learn, exchange, and guide eachother through the obstacles of operating a space. Please email us with any questions.

What is Coworking?
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